Welcome to My Homepage

My name is Claro Fausto Cortes IV. I am a Filipino photojournalist based in Shanghai. I spent the past ten years of my life outside the Philippines covering news events in Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Afghanistan and China.

This homepage is a tribute to the people I encountered while travelling and recording their stories. The few images in this homepage are not enough to really show what and how these countries are today, but these beautiful pictures and timeless moments will always remind me of the great time I had, experiencing and capturing these scenes. Each frame depicts a colourful episode in the annals of time. Each frame paints a kaleidoscope of each country's cultural heritage. Each frame is a story in itself. Vietnam, China, Singapore, the Philippines and the whole Asia are moving forward.

Let us all help contribute in the preservation of their rich history and the development of every country.

Enjoy the visual journey!