by Claro Cortes IV


THE MUMMY: Curious pedestrians look at a "statue artist" mimicking an Egyptian pharaoh outside the Louvre Museum.
UNTITLED: Tourists and residents enjoy a typical yet poetic afternoon at the Louvre quadrangle.
LIFE IMITATES ART: A couple shares a romantic mood unaware of the similarities transpiring beside a sculpture. The masterpiece is by Italian sculptor Antonio Canova called "Psyche ranimée par le baiser de L'Amour." (Psyche revived by the kiss of Love)

PYRAMIDS: An underconstruction triangle blends to the famous Louvre glass pyramids as travellers pass. La Pyramide was designed by Asian American architect I.M. Pei.
FRENCH KISS (1): A couple shows affection oblivious of both curious and uninterested crowd near the Paris city hall.
MAN'S BEST FRIEND: A dog resembles his master selling old magazines in Paris.

THE YAWN: A woman wearing a hat yawns onboard Paris Metro.
FRENCH KISS (2): A couple share an umbrella and lips during an April shower in Paris.
TODAY'S MENU: Passers-by are reflected on a mirror displaying the menu of the day.

SHADOWS: People walk amidst shadows cast by Louvre's glass pyramid.
NOTRE DAME: Children take photographs of religious icons inside Notre Dame.
BY THE RIVER: Portrait artists wait for customers along the famous Seine river.

SACRE COEUR: The majestic Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) church is framed by shops nearby as rain pours.
FRENCH KISS (3): A couple in an intimate moment while waiting for the Metro. Paris is indeed for lovers.
FRIENDS: A woman smiles as she watches a friend walked down to the Metro station.

SCULPTURES: An elderly man is framed by huge sculptures outside Louvre museum.
WOMAN AND CARS: A woman walks as cars pass under a bridge in Paris.
LE LOUVRE: The Louvre glass pyramid is framed by the museum's arch as visitors pass by. The modern features of the 21-meter high structure give a striking contrast to the renovated 1200 A.D. fortress.